Expert child care that you can count on! 
Learning Is KEY so we keep it FUN
You work hard.  Whether you are in school your self or working to make ends meet - we know - that you work hard!  As your child care provider we provide the optimum help that you need in raising your precious little loved ones.  Our center stresses LEARNING and Creativity insuring a balanced child!  It is a well known fact that people perish from a lack of knowledge that is why we make learning fun!

Our expertly trained staff is here for you.  100% of the time your child is with us they are being exposed to greater knowledge.  Even when they eat together they are learning food combinations and how to relax and enjoy their food.  Playtime entails lessons in social skills, etiquette  as well as sharing yet Homework holds the Key! There is only one thing at our facilities that is more important to us than Homework-Done-Right and that is family.  As a division of Family for Life Foundation our greatest joy is building strong and productive families with brilliant children! This is our stance....and...
"we approve this message!"

Little Scholars Invests In Children

  • Brother Greg's Tuitoring Club 
  • The E. Linda Naylor Foundation of Excellence Classes instilling Positive Values 

Fun Activities

We offer arts and crafts classes with local professional artist. 

After School Entrepreneurs 

Instills a universal consciousness allowing the child to realize their God given talent and how to optimize it.
Summer Camp
Kwanzaa Camp 
African Dance Classes
Jewelry Design

Additional Activities Include:

​Weekly Djapo African Dance Classes
Foreign Language classes
Gardening with RidAll Green Partnership
Youth Choir
​Environmental Stewardship Classes with Africa House International


PS:  We also have a grand graduation ceremony each year with caps and gowns.
Little Scholars Childcare & Enrichment Center